Our firm invests in companies and real estate properties with potential. We focus on small and medium-sized enterprises or real estate properties that have the potential to continuously grow and generate high returns across various economic cycles.

  • Forvia

    Forvia GmbH is a real estate company specializing in the purchase and development of properties with potential in Vienna. With deep industry expertise, a lean corporate structure, and expedited decision-making processes, the Forvia team has already completed several successful transactions. To expand and optimize its portfolio, the company is continuously searching for development-ready properties in good to very good locations in Vienna.

  • ANO

    ANO Immobilien GmbH is a partnership established in 2022 with a renowned real estate company. A lean organizational structure, combined with the founders' and team's long-standing expertise, allows ANO to quickly seize investment opportunities as they arise. The international network, extensive expertise, and thoughtful solutions enable the realization of complex projects and rapid response to changing market conditions.


    ZLR Zentral Leasing und Realitäten GmbH and various SAMYRA project companies specialize in the development of commercial spaces. Currently, there are approximately 86,000 square meters of assets under management. The aim is to acquire distinctive commercial and retail properties in Vienna, thus building a portfolio that enables significantly high single-digit equity returns. This is facilitated through efficient management and redevelopment of the portfolio.

  • Broadway 7th

    Since its founding in 2013, Broadway 7th GmbH has been involved in various internet startups, which have been either founded directly by Broadway 7th GmbH or launched as partners. Among these are platforms such as, with the aim of facilitating the direct exchange of properties between individuals, or FRESHA, a comprehensive online marketplace for groceries.

  • EPD Market

    EPD (Enjoyment Per Day) Market is a vintage shop located in a highly prominent location in the 7th district of Vienna. EPD Vintage GmbH was launched in 2023 and offers high-quality vintage pieces as well as a wide range of sustainable archive fashion. The goal of EPD is to establish itself early in a rapidly growing market.

  • Your Project?

    Teamwork is crucial for us. The best results are achieved through close collaboration between management, employees, and long-term oriented partners. We are only as successful as the people we work with. If you would like to present your project, we thank you for the trust you place in us and are fully aware of this responsibility.

    We look forward to it.